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Brain Training

This section stimulates your brain in a more structured way than artistic activities. Word searches, crosswords, vocabulary activites, etc.

Image by Bannon Morrissy


Test your vocabulary

Read the clue to find the word that fits and impress everyone with your wide vocabulary. 

Discussing the Numbers

Number Search

Test your number skills

Same concept as a word search but slightly more challenging. 

Patentability Search

Word Search

Test your detective skills

Easy or not so easy, word searches will challenge you to find fun words in a sea of letters. 



Test your number skills

Find your way through the labirynth.

Image by Pop & Zebra


Test your number skills

Try a sudoku puzzle. Each row, column and 3x3 square must have the numbers 1-9 without being repeated. 



A bonus challenge

Pick a number based or word based challenge and follow the instructions.

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