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Arts & Crafts

This section is for activities related to drawing, colouring, crafts, etc. Select an activity below to download instructions and templates.

paint by number kids portada.jpg

Paint by number

Ideal for young kids

You can create your own design with this fun paint by numbers activity. 


Flying Helicopter

Ideal for kids of all ages

This fun and easy craft allows you to let your imagination fly. Get creative with designs!

Flower bloomer.JPG

Flower Bloomer

Easy craft

Make paper flowers bloom when placing them in water. 

Flower Beauty Products

Natural Facemasks

Easy DIY Natural Facemasks

Three recipes using three ingredients each for glowing skin and a relaxing self-care activity


Friendship Bracelets

Easy craft

Learn how to make cute and simple friendship bracelets two ways



Some supervision suggested

Use up scraps of your favourite fabric for stylish scrunchies.

paint by numbers coloured.JPG

Paint by number

For older painters

Follow the colour key and create a sunset landscape.


Spot the difference

Ideal for kids

Challenge your eyesight and find the difference in the two photos. Ideas to make your own and play with your family at home. 

puff paint.JPG

DIY Puff Paint

Easy craft

Make your own puffy paint and watch it grow and dry in the microwave! Only 35-45 seconds after painting. 

Mason Jars

Natural Sugar Scrubs

Easy DIY Natural Sugar Scrubs

Basic recipe to create your own sugar scrub and add your personal touch.


Corner bookmark

Easy craft

Spice up your reading with a fun bookmark.

pom poms.jpg

Pom Pom Friends

Easy craft

These easy pompoms allow you to unleash your creativity and make any creature you want. 


Find the object

Ideal for kids

Challenge your eyesight and find the object. Ideas to make your own and play with your family at home.


Paper Ribbons

Various levels

Make fun paper chains with various designs.


Typed designs

Easy designs

All you need is your computer to start with. If you feel ambitious enough use our ideas to make it harder. 


Paper Twirler

Easy craft

An easy and bouncy twirler to keep you entertained. 

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