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About the Presenters

You can still watch most events on 

the festival Facebook page above!

Anthony Arnold

Circus skills teacher and entertainer


Anthony will be teaching a juggling workshop. He's been interested in circus skills since childhood and has his own entertainment company.

Caitlin Kelly

Dance therapist


Cecelia Beyer is a rabbi, dancer and singer. She has won awards for her singing and competes in Irish dancing as well. She will be doing a fun singing session with you! 

Cecilia Beyer

Award winning singer


Cecelia Beyer is a rabbi, dancer and singer. She has won awards for her singing and competes in Irish dancing as well. She will be doing a fun singing session with you! 


Professional Chef


Christian is a chef with 10+ years experience training to be a registered dietitian. He will be teaching you how to make a delicious, simple meal from scratch.

Christina White

Dance teacher, entrepreneur and avid crafter


Christina has organised a great craft session for you! She loves crafts and has her own Irish Dancing school, Oregon Irish Dance Academy.

Ciara Sexton

Professional dancer, teacher and speaker


Ciara is an extremely successful Irish dancer who will be talking about dance and her experiences including her views of art and mental health.

Eduardo Neve

Geographer and musician


Eduardo is a geographer with an interest on music and its relationship to wellbeing. He will be sharing his views and experience with us and might even grace us with a performance!

Hannah K.

Crafter and Illustrator


Hannah is an Arts In Health facilitator at Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies and prepared a fun crafts session for you. She also has a degree in Illustration. 

Elizabeth Beech



Elizabeth works as a Dramatherapist in a Young Offenders Institute and as the referrals manager for Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies. She shares her views on arts and mental health.

Jack Carn

Artist and illustrator


Jack is a talented artist and illustrator who will be leading an introduction to realism workshop for you. Portraits, both animal and people are his speciality. 

Evie Kennedy

Language teacher and poet


Evie is a gifted poet who is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and has prepared a poetry workshop for you. 

Jobe Sullivan

Musician and composer


Jobe is a talented musician that plays many instruments and is part of various bands including Ire-ish, The Sullivan Selection and Celebration of Life. 

Kendal Griffler

Dancer and performer


Kendal is a successful Irish dancer who has performed across the world and won many awards in her career. She will be leading a Showsteps Workshop.

Mauricio Alvarez

Dancer, personal trainer, poet


Mauricio is a musician specialising in drums with over 15 years of experience. He is part of Marcato, a band who just released their first album. He'll be displaying his musical talents with you!

Megan Kerrigan

Dancer, personal trainer, poet


Megan is an Irish dance world champion, personal trainer and poet. She has a live workout and a poetry workshop to get your endorphins going your emotions flowing. 

Myriam Patiño

Dance teacher and adjudicator


Myriam Patiño has many years of experience teaching many different types of dance. She regularly teaches in Mexico and Canada, and now online. She'll be leading a class for young ballerinas.

Patricia Robles



Patricia Robles is a psychologist who believes in the power of the arts to heal the mind. She will be talking to us about the psychological effects or arts and music on the human mind.

Reema Mistry



Reema is a talented dancer who will be running a Bollywood dance tutorial for you. She is also trained in many other styles of dance. 

Sabrina González

Dancer, theatre studies


Sabrina has been a dancer and theatre enthusiast all her life. She is currently studying theatre and performing arts and will be doing a Storytelling session with you!


Mother-daughter singing duo


Singamajig is a mother-daughter singing duo that wishes to bring the joy of singing to your household. Aimed at kids 7 years old and younger with a parent or guardian. 

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